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"Building Burnie" Minecraft Competition - UPDATED!
over 2 years ago

The Burnie Builder competition has been extended over the July school holidays on both of the Burnie Miners Minecraft servers.

Burnie Builder 2020 Competition Cup

Get yourself or a team together and choose a building on which to work. Remember some of the most outstanding works we have seen so far are house choices or smaller builds done extremely well! So choose something t...

Player Analytics
over 2 years ago

Did you know you have full player analytics over your gaming experience on minecraft.nwtassie.com?

This service is available for registered PC java-version Minecraft gamers  via https://stats.minecraft.nwtassie.com/

To register for the stats service, you need to be playing with the java version of Minecraft and have an account on this website first, then you can head on over and register for the analytics site


Parkour over Burnie!
over 2 years ago

You can now play parkour on the Burnie map (currently only on the PC version) by typing in chat:

/ajp start

UPDATE: You can now just jump on the block under the sign for parkour outside Burnie City Council. 

What's your high score? See how many blocks you can jump on before you inevitably fall.

mcMMO on Burnie Miners Survival Server
over 2 years ago

mcMMO is plugin for Minecraft multiplayer servers that allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics.

Playing on the Burnie Miners mcMMO server requires no changes to your client, you just enter the Survival game (only available for the java version of the game) via the portal at the entrance to Burnie City Council on the Burnie map when you join the server.

If you want to know more about the levelling and how things work you can check out the 

Playing on the Burnie Miners Minecraft server
over 2 years ago

Burnie Miners has two ways you can connect, via Minecraft Java (PC) and Minecraft Bedrock (Phones, Consoles and devices). The java based server also contains a Survival world for you to enjoy that is running mcMMO.

To join the Burnie Miners (Java) server you must have an account on this website, and for those on phones, tablets or consoles just add the server IP as minecraft.nwtassie.com and away you go...


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