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Protecting your build on Burnie Miners Bedrock server.
Started by KernelDump



01 May 2020
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20 Oct 2021

Burnie Miners Bedrock server has Residence installed.

Residence has support for a variety of different protection types including preventing movement through areas, all of which can be configured by the land owner

You can find out the commands for using Residence here:


To create a residence:

  • Create a residence is easy. All you need to do is equip the selection tool* (wooden hoe by default) and select the two corners of the area you want to protect.
  • You can also do this with /res select [x] [y] [z]
  • If you want to expand the selection from sky to bedrock, type /res select vert
  • You can expand the selection by looking in the direction you want to expand and typing /res select expand
  • When you're done modifying your select, type /res create to confirm your protection.

For detailed information on all the options, please check the link given above

Unfortunately we did not create the plugin and cannot provide detailed support for it.

Minecraft players will have to read the website linked and ask support from the plugins author, or help each other in discussion in the comments or on discord as to its usage.

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